Your energy bills can sometimes increase causing you to spend more money, ruin your budget and save less money. Therefore, it is always a good idea to find ways that you can reduce the current cost that you are paying on energy consumption. There are some bad practices that might be consuming power unnecessarily like leaving electronic devices on when they are not in use. You should find all of these leaks and plug them immediately as you could be wasting a lot of money. To help you cut down these unnecessary costs, here are some of the ways and strategies you can implement to lower your energy bills.

Proper use of your thermostat
If you have been observant in many homes, you will realize that most people usually turn the central heating systems on and off when they feel the need. If it’s very cold, they usually turn it to high temperatures occasionally and then off. What they really don’t understand is that this massive changes in temperature usually consume a lot of power without their knowledge. The best thing to do is to set the thermostat correctly on a time schedule or set it to a constant average temperature at all the times which is an efficient way of reducing power consumption overall.

Double Glazing
This is also called insulated glazing and uses two panes of glass, or sometimes three for triple glazing. Insulated glazing significantly reduces the amount of heat leaving or entering your indoors. A firm that supplies double glazing in Kent says that insulated glazing keeps your house cooler during summer while making it warmer during winter. This means that you don’t have to raise the amount of power on your heaters and air conditioners meaning that you will use less energy. The average household can save between £75-£110 a year on their energy bills with double glazing.

Consider a wood burning stove
Electric water heater pumps and central heating systems can consume a lot of energy. You should could consider heating water using a wood burning stove, it will save you a lot of money on your energy bills as burning wood is efficient and wood is much cheaper.

Add an extra layer of clothing
You will find in the winter season, people still want to put on shorts and t-shirts at the expense of increasing the heating levels in the house. What they don’t realize is that they are using more energy means an increase in power bills. This can be avoided by putting on warm clothes for winter that will keep them even without switching on the heaters.

Insulated walls
Another brilliant way to lower your energy bills in your house is through insulated walls. Insulated walls reduce the amount of heat leaving or entering inside the house. This means your house will be cooler during summer and warmer during winter while using the average power on heating and cooling.

Closing windows and doors
Try as much as possible to close your windows and doors during the cold season. This prevents heat from getting emitted away. This way, you will be able to set your heating system to the lowest levels and still get the warmth required thus consuming little power and reducing your energy bills.

Proper boiler maintenance
Perform regular maintenance to your boiler system. This ensures that the boiler maintains high performance and efficiency throughout its lifetime. If your boiler is having a problem, you realize that it will be overworking its components to meet your needs thus forcing you to increase heating levels. This unnecessary extra energy consumption can be reduced through regular maintenance of your boiler.

Wash with cold water
Instead of warming water for your laundry, you can use cold water with adequate washing detergent which will also clean your clothes well. This will save you the energy bills you would have to pay if you are using warm water every time.

Unplug electronic devices
When you have gadgets still connected to the power source while still on and not in use, know that the gadgets still uses some energy which accumulates over time and increases your bills. Therefore, it is always necessary to unplug gadgets when not in use.

Use energy saving bulbs
Bulbs are one of the overlooked electronic devices that use more energy. Technology has improved so much, and it is therefore wise to take advantage of energy saving bulbs that consume a smaller amount of power whilst still providing adequate lighting for your needs.

Keeping windows covered
Keeping your windows covered will prevent heat loss during the night while uncovering during the daytime lets the heat from the sun in. This will enable you to use average power on cooling and heating thus lowering your bills.

Don’t overboil the kettle
Whenever you are heating water in your kettle, make sure to only boil however much water you need. Most people tend to get into the habit of boiling a full kettle when they only wish to make 1 cup of tea. This might be using 4x as much energy as you need to use, which can easily be avoided with a little change in behaviour.

Keep the AC filters and coil clean
If you have an AC unit, dirty condensers retain heat while dirty filters reduce airflow thus overworking the entire system. This leads to the consumption of more energy due to poor performance which can be reduced by cleaning the coils and replacing the AC filters regularly.

Find and seal any leaks
If your house has any leaks around, you should find the leaks and seal them so that you can prevent heat loss during the night and cold season. This enables you to use the minimal power of the heating system. It’s surprising how much the little things add up over the space of a year.

Avoid cooling an empty house
You should also avoid leaving thermostat in operation when there is no one in the house. You can program it to start functioning whenever you are in the house and stop when there is no one in the house.

As you have seen, all of these strategies will help you lower your energy bills if well implemented. Apply them all and you will truly save a lot of money.

By George