Do you know that a buyer decides to buy a property within the 8 seconds of seeing it? Well, the same applies when you are selling your own property. Believe me when I say that your exterior decoration is as important as your decorating indoors, so you should put as much effort as you can when you are looking at improving the kerb appeal at your home.‎

Most of the time you will want your property to be as beautiful as it can be in order to satisfy your taste, but you should consider not only beautifying but also increasing the value of your property just in case you decide to sell it. You may never know when the time may come.

In this post, we will show you 6 ways you can drastically improve the kerb appeal of your home. We will explain how your driveway can improve your home’s beauty and why your house really needs that plant you saw the other day.‎

1- Clean your driveway
Keeping areas clean is very important and one area to consider is your driveway, always make sure you take care of your driveway properly so it does not affect the beauty of your home. You should consider buying or hiring a pressure washer to help you with the stubborn weed you can’t pull with your hands, dirt and stains on your driveway and keeping this area clean will hinder ageing of your home.

Note that a clean clear path creates a spectacular feel to your home so make sure you park cars in your garage and not your driveway.

2- Replacing old windows
Yes, I know there is a saying, ‘Old is Gold’ but trust me when it comes to improving the kerb appeal at your home you need to consider replacing old, especially where windows are concerned. Replacing your windows could be one of the best investments for you if they are too old and they are not offering any proper insulation.

3- Exterior wall coatings/rendering
No matter how good your home looks, making your exterior wall coatings a focal point will always improve the kerb appeal at your home, as well as providing durability to project your walls from weather and damage.

Make sure you choose a coating that will keep up with the overall design of your home to create a more contemporary and statement feel.

4- The power of Plants
Have you thought of adding style and colours to your home? Well with the power of plants this is possible. You can start by introducing front beds with vibrant perennials blooming every single year. Additionally, herb plants such as rosemary or lavender add beautiful and natural scents to your entrance. All of this can be done by making use of the front space of your home. If you don’t have enough space for flower beds you can go for containers or planters.

5- A fresh lick of paint
When talking about improving kerb appeal, painting is the key and this is still one of the best ways to get that wow look on your home. It can also be one of the cheapest ways to make a big difference to the overall look of your home’s exterior. The best time to paint is during the summer. Always make sure you remove dirt even cobwebs before starting.

One little secret; your door and door frame should be painted well because this is one place visitors get to see first and foremost when waiting for you to answer your door. If your exterior walls are painted, then make sure to repaint them too to keep them looking fresh and protect them from the weather. Other areas worth painting are wooden fences, trellis, and birdhouses.

6- Do the magic with new lighting
Replacing old lighting fixtures with new ones can make a huge difference and bring more statement to the appearance of your home. You can also use solar lights to highlight the beauty of your garden or decorate your front yard with them. They are usually very easy and cost-effective to install too since no wires are needed.

Keeping on top of the kerb appeal at your home doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to look good all of the time, what it actually needs is your creativity. Always use ideas that match your style of home, its age and location. A clean and clear exterior will always beautify and add value to your home.

By George