Slots have managed to evolve with the times to stay one of the most popular forms of gambling in today’s modern world. They have come a long way from the rickety old machines that use to dispense bar tokens to the bright, loud and enchanting slots that are dotted all around the world but most famously in Las Vegas. They can even be found online on millions of casino websites or on millions of people’s mobile gaming devices in the form of a slot machine app where you can play online slots. It is simpler than ever to start spinning those reels. But developers have started to push the boundaries even more so in recent years and target new audiences.

For the most part people love slots because of the simplicity and the pure luck element of play. Wins are completely random so players don’t have to worry about complicating strategy and can still have the opportunity to win big bucks. But for those who love a little brain tease and enjoy the strategic element, slots can be boring. That’s where skill based bonuses come into play. So what’s better – Slots bonuses based on skill, or random slot bonuses? Keep reading for who we think comes out on top.

Slots with Random Bonuses
Slots with random bonuses are what most people are familiar with. These normal bonus rounds are completely random with the player having no say or influence over a win or odds over time. There may be some element of control, as in picking which payline, or choosing which pot of gold; but this is actually a myth. There is no skill and whether the payline is the one that matches or the pot of gold is full is just pure luck.

Slots with Bonuses Based on Skill
Now games with bonuses based on skill are relatively new in the long history of slots. As you can guess, in these forms of games a player has to some extent, control over the rewards and positivity of results. Better abilities equals’ better odds. So for instance in a shooter game set in a deep south firing range, there may be a bonus round that requires players to shoot a target to earn extra rewards. The player’s ability and skill at being on target influences their luck and bonus credits. So whilst the rest of the game is the same like any other, in these types of slots the player has the ability to directly influence odds and bonuses.

What’s Best?
Now this is a question that only you can answer. We’ve given you the facts so you can make up your own mind because of course it depends entirely on the type of game you enjoy more and whether you are skilful or not. Just before you go rushing into anything, remember even if you have perfect skills you can’t achieve perfect odds. Developers can’t make things too easy so bonus skills rounds are often for limited time and a small amount. Whatever you pick, happy playing and gamble responsibly.

By George