Out of all the games you can play in a casino, Roulette has got to be one of the most dynamic and exciting. There is not much else that can match the nail-bitingly tense sensation of watching the ball spin round the wheel, or indeed the unbounded elation when it lands on the correct number and colour.

To a beginner Roulette can look deceptively simple – it’s just a ball spinning around a wheel isn’t it, how hard could it be? Well, the truth is it isn’t exactly the hardest of games to understand, however you do need to know a little about what you’re doing before you start spinning. So let’s go over some basic Roulette rules before you test your game playing at Easy Slots.

The Basics of Roulette numbers
At the bare bones of it Roulette is fairly simple. There are two main pieces of apparatus to look out for, one is the wheel itself, and then you have the table where you place your actual bets. On the wheel are numbers from 1 to 36, and these oscillate between red and green. Once everyone has placed a bet on their desired number on the table the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball in. All that’s left now is to hope!

Inside Bets
The game of Roulette gets a little more complicated once you encounter the varying types of bets that one can make on any given spin of the wheel. Let’s start with inside bets, one of the most common ones to make when playing.

Inside bets is the term given to wagers that are placed solely on the numbers available on the table. If you look closely at an example you will see that, alongside the numbers, there are also sectors for different kinds of bets. But we’ll get to that in due course. There are a few different types of inside bets to be aware of, let’s take a look at some examples:

Straight: The most simple. This is a bet on one number and is made by placing a chip directly into the square that the number resides in.
Split: This is a bet made on two numbers that are adjacent. Simply place a chip on the line that separates each box to do this.
Street: With a Street you can bet on three numbers that appear in a row. All you have to do here is place your chip on the edge of the row.
Corner: Otherwise known as a “Square” bet, this one takes up 4 numbers. In order to place this one down you must put your chip on the common corner of the four squares.
Outside Bets
Outside bets are wagers that are placed on the sectors to the left of the numbers on the table. These are slightly more complex, however they are also nicely labelled in the majority of cases. There are a few common types of these, for instance:

Red or Black: Here you bet on the colour of the winning number.
Odd or Even: Here you bet on what kind of number will be the winner – odd or even.

By George