Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Certain foods and activities can harm the baby. For your health and safety, and your baby’s you should not eat or do certain harmful physical activities. There are recommended healthy tips that pregnant women can follow so that they give birth to healthy babies. Some of them are eating healthy, staying active, and avoiding smoking. This article will explain more about these healthy tips.



Healthy Tips For Pregnant Women are :

Healthy Eating

To begin with, pregnant women need to eat healthy food for the benefit of the health of themselves as well as that of the baby. Consuming healthy foods and drinking less alcoholic beverages may help you and your baby gain the proper amount of weight. If you are at a healthy weight you need no extra calories in your first trimester.  You need 340 extra calories a day in your second trimester. In your third semester, you need about 450 extra calories a day. During the final week of your pregnancy, you need extra calories.  You should check with your healthcare professional about your weight gain. If you not gaining the weight you need you can be advised to take in more calories. If you are gaining too much weight, you may need to cut down on calories. Since each woman’s needs are different your needs depend on whether you were underweight, overweight, or had obesity before you became pregnant. A healthy eating plan for pregnant women should limit too much salt.

Foods and Beverages That Pregnant Women  Should Consume

  • Fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and fiber
  • Protein food such as beans, eggs, peas, and lean meat

Staying Active Makes Pregnant Women Stay Healthy

Additionally, most pregnant women need the same amount of physical activity as they did before becoming pregnant. They should aim for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activities. Aerobic activities are also called endurance or cardio activities. You use large muscle groups such as the chest, back and legs to increase your heart rate and breathing. Another form of aerobic activity is Brisk walking. You need to take the “talk test” to find out if you are doing moderate-intensity aerobic activity. Additionally, you can talk to your health care professional about whether to or how to adjust your physical activity while you are pregnant. If you have health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes ask your healthcare professional about a level of activity that’s safe for you and your unborn baby.

Activities that make pregnant women stay active:

  • Go for a walk where you live with a family member or friend.
  • When sitting at your computer, or watching TV get up and move around.
  • List the activities you’d like to do like walking or taking a prenatal yoga class
  • Think of the days and times you could do each activity on your list, such as first thing in the morning, or during your lunch break from

Other Health Tips that Make Pregnant Women Stay Healthy

Avoid Smoking

Furthermore, quitting smoking increases fertility for both females and males. Females who smoke may have difficulty conceiving, early onset of menopause, and cancers including ovarian cancer. It also causes miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and low birth weight. When you smoke your baby will be smoking too. It reduces blood flow to your baby. Smoking during pregnancy exposes your baby to harmful chemicals


In conclusion, pregnant women should always stay healthy so that they give birth to healthy babies. There are tips that pregnant women should follow to stay healthy. These are eating healthy, staying active and avoiding smoking as explained in this article.

By George