Being an It professional, the importance of Certified ScrumMaster® be underemphasized. Basically, a scrum master is a project manager of the QA team of various projects. There are various methodologies employed in IT environments. Scrum is an agile methodology which is one of the popular management methods. The ScrumMaster is a professional who has the requisite knowledge and skills for helping in the implementation of the Scrum practices.

How can you get ScrumMaster certification?
For this, you have to become get a CSM certificate for which you require a Certified ScrumMaster Training from someone who is a certified Scrum master trainer. Your progress in learning is demonstrated with online Multiple Choices Questions CSM test.

In the initial step, you have to familiarise yourself with Scrum. This is followed by 2-day CSM course which is being taught by a Scrum trainer. Keep in mind you have to answer in 24 questions out of 32 to pass. After this test, you are required to accept the license agreement for completing your Scrum alliance membership profile.

How is the Scrum certification course going to help you?
This course is going to help you to expand your career and staying relevant across the different industries through the adoption of agile practices. It also demonstrates t your employers about your commitment to imbibe new and better practice while unlearning the old. It also highlights your specialised skills and knowledge of Scrum.

If you are a beginner, you would be learning about the basics of Scrum and also the scope of the ScrumMaster’s role from the people with the highest of calibres in the field.

The Scrum Certification is also going to help you in engaging with the community. It is important to get engaged with a community of experts committed towards continuous improvement.

Role as a ScrumMaster
You have to fulfil various responsibilities and play different roles as a ScrumMaster. You would be gaining a full understanding of the agile management methodologies and Scrum framework which is going to include various activities, roles and artefacts.

Moreover, you would also get access to the local user groups, additional resources, online social networks which are exclusively available to the Scrum members.

Apart from this, the certified scrum master is also going to get their profile page on the Scrum Alliance website, with their unique logo emphasising upon their credentials.

Various job roles taken upon by certified scrum masters
Scrum masters land on some of the highly paid jobs in the US as per data from the research published in leading tech magazines. You would be working across some of the major companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Capgemini, IBM, Honeywell to name a few.

The various roles you would be executing as a Scrum master include delivery lead, Agile scrum master, program manager, project manager, Agile coach, or project lead or product manager or owner.

Steps to scrum certification
You have to register on a certified ScrumAlliance trainer or a global representative of the scrum alliance trainer.
Following this, you would be taking a 2-day CSM course for getting instructions by one of the certified scrum trainers.
After the successful completion of the course, you have filled your login credentials on a link given to you by the system alliance.
The CSM test online is an hour process whereby you be answering 50 questions in the MCQ format.
You require a minimum score of 74 per cent for passing the CSM test after completion of the course.
After you have passed the test, you would be required to accept the license agreement. On acceptance of the same, you would be receiving your CSM designation as well as membership of Scrum Alliance for the following two years.
The certification has to be renewed after this period of time.
The scrum certification training is going to help you coordinate your team well and if you are getting certified with the others in your team, all of you together can reinforce the right vocabulary and get your understanding of scrum to be applicable for your business. Even if members in your team have taken a Scrum course from a different instructor, it is going to be beneficial in the long run. This is going to enhance your knowledge pool and give you a varied understanding of the various agile methodologies and Scrum.

Your clients would be able to pose greater confidence in you as you have the specialisation of agile methodology with you. The Scrum knowledge gained in CSM training is going to build your potential for bringing success to your projects with a better collaboration of team members through keeping them well-informed and motivated at all times.

By George