Many of you could be visiting Amazon’s website for buying products online these days. Whether it’s the new book release, appliances, or groceries on Amazon you get both. The business has also started with publishing and television production over the last few years. Amazon now provides an online platform to watch web series too.

Amazon essentially started out in 2006 with its web hosting services. Although they are not the first ones to provide web hosting, Amazon was among the first to enter the field of cloud computing services.

A lot of businesses started moving to the cloud from quite some time for enhancing the performance of their website or application. With many cheap cloud hosting providers in the race AWS is still in the leading position.

If you too are thinking of opting-in for the AWS cloud platform and at an affordable price then you can buy it from their official partners.

Some providers collaborate with companies like AWS to resell cloud services. In this article, we will take a glimpse of one such provider that offers the AWS cloud platform at reasonable prices along with the management of your AWS server.

MilesWeb is one of the popular names in the web hosting industry that offers a wide range of web hosting solutions, one of which is AWS managed services.

Before digging deep into the Amazon cloud service provided by MilesWeb, let’s first unfold the features of the AWS cloud.

High Availability
If you are concerned about the downtime, you must be knowing that in 2018, AWS had three times less downtime as compared to other cloud hosting providers (depending on the data collected from the major cloud providers’ public health dashboards).

Therefore, we can say that the availability of the AWS server is more as compared with other providers.

Large Infrastructure
Don’t be shocked to know that AWS has its hand on constructing the world’s largest community. They offer 64 zones in 21 regions with 169 presence points and that narrowly beats the 61 zones in 20 regions of Google’s cloud platform.

Not Like Other Hosts
The main target audience of AWS is developers, small sized businesses and large organizations. If you are a techie and have hands-on server related operations, you can buy AWS cloud directly from them and you won’t need any other web hosting provider to buy it. But if you are not a server geek then it’s advised that you buy AWS from their official partners because AWS do not offer automatic backups, free migrations, a website building tool, or support, as compared to other web hosts. Whereas, providers like MilesWeb offer you complete management of your AWS server including migration, backup, server maintenance and more.

However, you get the support from AWS for spam protection, SSL, manually designed backups, a CDN, etc.

Scalability is among the best features AWS offers. It cuts down your concern in the incidents like sudden traffic spike or limit exceeding as your hosting would increase the resources automatically. In fact, you’ll need to pay only for what you used.

AWS Marketplace
AWS Marketplace lets you buy apps running on AWS. It is highly advantageous for software developers because they can sell their applications through the marketplace. The customers also benefit from a broad software collection including operating systems, machine learning, and DevOps.

MilesWeb – Managed AWS Cloud Hosting
Your AWS cloud infrastructure is fully taken care of by their team at MilesWeb and you simply need to concentrate on growing your business.

MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting companies in the world, which provides customers with all forms of hosting services to suit their needs. You’ll find the hosting services like shared, dedicated, reseller, VPS, WordPress, cloud hosting and more.

They take full care of your website/ application and will relieve you from the tasks of running or maintaining servers. Also, their experts are willing to answer questions related to AWS at any given hour.

Many companies find it difficult to migrate to the cloud but it’s really easy with MilesWeb. You will get the guidance for your AWS server – it’s AWS administration or consultation. So, with MilesWeb, the entire cloud transformation process will be easy from start to finish. They make sure you get a powerful AWS environment with strict compliance and comprehensive protection.

You can use Bangalore, San Francisco, New York, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Toronto to pick your choice of server location.

The migration of your website or application to the AWS server is free of charge. To do this, you just need to tell the time you want the migration process to begin and they will do the complete migration of data for you.

MilesWeb AWS Cloud Hosting Features
24/7 Available Support
AWS Certified Team
Enhanced Productivity
Optimization and Growth
Server Monitoring
Once you decide to move to AWS with MilesWeb, the rest of the process is hardly a matter of concern. Right from migration to setting up the server and its optimization, they will take care of it all. It’s still not too late to move to the cloud.

By George