When it comes to marketing products and services, inspiration is what every business owner desires. Actually, inspiration is the key to successful selling; you want to be inspired as to what your customers want. Customers want inspiration in their homes, at work, and in their daily activities. In fact, motivational and inspirational products or services are a multi-million dollar business.

Many eye-catching advertisements will often inspire a consumer to take action. For instance, a mattress sale advertisement will often inspire a consumer to realize their old mattress is a saggy mess and now is the time to get a new one. In addition, the ad will typically have great seasonal savings that inspires the customer to buy now.

Using Inspiration to Create Something
For the most part, inspiration can be found in everything. Inspiration can be achieved through music, art, theater, film, poetry, architecture, nature, food and even from watching sports or ballet. Inspiration is the stimulation of the mind that prompts creative activity or thought. It activates an emotional response that helps you create something. In truth, one of the best ways to create something unique is through inspiration.

In addition, there are many techniques for stimulating inspiration. Frankly, many professionals have their own way of using inspiration for creating something. For instance, a screenplay writer may just start scribbling or to go for a walk to relax the brain. Other great examples are:

Ballet Dancer – watch other dancers, ballet companies, and other types of dance
Composer – work in a quiet studio with windows, keep a routine, and take a break when needed
Musician – stay disciplined, silence the “negative” voice that says you’re worthless, and never wait until you’re in a creative mood
Artist – always observe people, places, and nature. Make room for meditation and talking with people. Don’t forget to daydream
Inspiration at Home
Today you will find many marketing techniques that take advantage of the senses. It is the senses that directly affect motivation and inspiration. In fact, marketers are great at stimulating the senses to inspire you to take action. A prime example is the art of decorating your home. The perfect headline for inspiring you to decorate would be: The Romantic Redesign – Adding a Dash of Magic Back to Your Interiors.

Another source of inspiration is using visual stimulation. Instead of using words to create a response, some businesses use graphics. In fact, pictures are the ideal way for designers to stimulate a response to before and after décor.

Inspiration in the Workplace
More often than not, offices are crowded with inspirational and motivational posters. Generally, a worker can find inspirational posters in the lunchroom, where they clock in and out for the day, and sometimes even in the bathroom. These motivational ideas help encourage, revitalize, and inspire employees. Some workplaces even send out daily motivational sayings. Even more, some offices hand out cash incentives to help increase sales or performance levels.

Inspiration in Retail Establishments and Other Stores
Today, many businesses capitalize on stocking the shelves with motivational products. According to the Harvard Business Review, inspiration can be captured, activated and manipulated.

The key definition of inspiration involves both –

Being inspired
Acting on that inspiration
When a person is inspired, they are more open to new experiences. Commonly, inspired people have a strong sense of self-worth, are very optimistic, and have healthy self-esteem. It is these positive feelings that marketers try to trigger in a consumer. Once a potential customer is stimulated with positive feedback, they are more apt to purchase a product. This is because the product makes them feel better. They think their purchase is of value and supports inspirational thoughts and ideas.

Inspiration Matters
Many experts agree that inspiration promotes well-being. In fact, people who experience higher amounts of positive reinforcement have sustained levels of inspiration. In addition, inspiration lasts several months as opposed to momentary emotions. Most professions feel that it’s because inspiration is connected to the future rather than present satisfaction. Moreover, lasting inspiration typically comes from appreciation and a sense of purpose.

By George