Coworking has become the go-to for many businesses looking to reduce their overhead as rents creep up, especially in the city. Coworking has levelled the playing field for many Filipino professionals, making it possible to compete in a larger national arena. With offices close to the business centre and affordable monthly payments, businesses can find themselves belonging to some pretty industrious communities.

However, once you have gained entry into a coworking space, maximising it to your advantage can be accomplished in a few ways. Most spaces provide businesses with a number of tools that can be used to connect with other professionals, making occupying spaces in high-profile offices likeServcorp coworking spacesespecially advantageous. This workspace can so assist businesses with their venture to the point that unachievable success is within reach.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which you can achieve success in 2019 through coworking.

Invest In Business Matching
One of the newest features is business matching, and in the coworking space, this can help businesses cut through the extra work of meeting possible team members. Business matching helps new businesses connect with other potential businesses, and in a place where cultivated relationshipstranslate into business growth, business matching can be a tool for meeting others. The possibilities are endless for collaboration or partnerships, and business matching also translates into finding the right goods and services.

Find Your Nearest Accelerator/Incubator
The accelerator/incubator programs have been a great way to quickly pick up the tools needed to grow your business. While some spaces operate independently in this way, there are other coworking spaces where the accelerator/incubator is a part of the coworking space. Either way, these programs can potentially provide your business with the extra foundation for learning to grow and quickly.

Pursue Funding
New businesses should take advantage of resources that will allow you to raise funds for your business. Until your business makes a profit, raising money is one of the ways that businesses can make sure that they have enough to cover expenses. Crowdfunding and angel investing are just two of the many ways that businesses can raise money. However, your coworking space can be an inspiration for finding ways to creatively attract interest in your venture.

Take Advantage Of Events
Attending community events is just a few ways that businesses can interact with the larger business community. These events can be as simple as social functions to professional conferences that bring in experts from the community. Businesses really can leverage the coworking community by raising their own business’s profile and connecting with others.

Make Friends
Build up a cache of business associates. Getting to know others in the coworking space can be the beginning of lifelong friendships, some lasting beyond your membership in the space. Finally, a good business network always leads to better opportunities for your business.

Be A Nomad
Several places in the country are very attractive to this group of travelling professionals. Manila and Cebu are just two of a few popular destinations for the digital nomads, professionals who support themselves by globe-trotting. Those interested will benefit from seeing new cultures and interacting with a diverse business landscape, which can also be a way to build business as well. This group of people have been in the landscape for a while, but today, the numbers that are finding the freedom of freelancing on-the-go are increasing.

Coworking In The Philippines In 2019
The coworking space is coming with some new stuff this year. Professionals looking to benefit from finding business matches, the numerous funding sources, making friends through community and social engagement, and interacting with the coworking space’s diverse environment can do so. This year can herald in some promising opportunities, but you have to be in the coworking space to see which ones.

By George