Bathrooms are great when you get them right. But, when you get them wrong, they can be a disaster which is why you need to nail the design. It might seem as though it is impossible to get the ‘look’ without professional help, but that is a myth. Yes, interior design is not easy, but it is not impossible. All you need is the right sort of inspiration and the can-do attitude to finish the job. If you have these tools at your disposal, your bathroom will look the part. If you still need a helping hand, however, here are a few designs that anyone can recreate.

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Style over Substance
Let’s not beat around the bush; we all want our bathrooms to look as pretty as possible. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as your bathroom is a little bit functional! If you can walk into your bathroom and use the appliances, you have got the substance just right. Now it is time to move onto the style. Think about what kind of appliances you want, such as the toilet, the sink and the shower. Get the most modern appliances you can that fit the colour scheme and the decor perfectly.

The other side of the coin is to go practical and forget about the style for a moment. Of course, the style is always in the back of your mind because you want it to look good no matter how functional your bathroom becomes. But, this design makes sure that the practicality comes first and the style is incorporated in it. That means choosing smaller appliances that suit the room and that don’t get in the way when you are using the bathroom. You could, for example, buy a corner sink that fits nicely into the corner of the room and leaves more walk in space as a result. More functionality gives you more choice to use your bathroom for different purposes.

Focal Point
Focal points exist in every room in the house; you just might not know it yet. Think about the living room or the kitchen. You have big pieces of furniture like a television or a table that dominates the room and draws the eye as soon as you enter. The bathroom is no different, so a focal point is a great design idea that you can easily implement. You already have big pieces of furniture like a toilet or a shower, so you just need to tweak them a little bit. For example, if you visit you will see shower doors that complement the look you are going for perfectly. Plus, as mentioned previously, it is the most simple design idea for your bathroom because the main components are already there.

If you want your bathroom to stand out, you need to add a little drama. Drama always spices up any mundane or monotonous activity and your bathroom is no different. This idea is easy to create because all you need are a couple of fixtures that give off the impression. For example, you can always go for the Old World glamour. All that requires is a touch of gold in the fixtures and on the walls. You can buy a mirror with gold plated edges or faux gold if that is too expensive, and then decorate with gold-tinted wallpaper or wallpaper with a gold design embroidered. The Old World look is best in the old school bathrooms such as bathrooms with a powder room.

Wet Room
In the Western part of the world, we tend to gloss over the importance of a wet room. Surely they are not better than conventional bathrooms? Well, they have their advantages. For one thing, wet rooms are usually decorated with tiles and stones to make them easier to clean. It might sound insignificant, but tiles are incredibly good looking because they are shiny and glossy and don’t dull, especially when they are cleaned with water every day! Plus, wet rooms drain the moisture that most bathrooms can’t, so mould and bacteria cannot spread. You have to want a wet room because they do take a lot of effort, but they are by no means impossible to create if your heart is set.

These design ideas are perfect for any bathroom. So if you are renovating, they are something you should consider. The best thing about them is that there is no need for any remarkable interior design skills as they are easy to implement.


By George