Are you planning to buy a wood burning stove? If yes, this is a great decision because it can serve a great purpose in your home. The stove can be a great addition in your home because it provides the required warmth and give it a cosy feel. In addition, it helps you save heating bills. However, you do not enjoy the many benefits it offers if you’ve purchased the wrong one for your needs. To avoid making costly mistakes, there are certain factors you need to consider. Here are the most important things to consider when shopping for a wood burning stove.

1. Heat output
A wood burning stove operates at its optimum level at high temperatures. Before you go out there to look for a stove, it is necessary you determine the heat output needed in your house. It is advisable you seek help from an expert to help determine the heat output required. With this knowledge, you be able to select the best model that will work efficiently in your home.

2. Stove efficiency
One of the reasons why you invest in a wood burning stove is to save on your energy bills. To reach this objective, you should get a stove with high efficiency rating. A stove with high percentage in terms of rating is the best. Such a stove will just require less fuel to heat your house in the required way. Look for a stove with an efficient rating of more than 70 percent.

3. Type of fuel
Wood burning stoves are designed to operate entirely on firewood and other available solid biomass fuels. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have enough wood to operate it. Make sure you have a dependable supplier of firewood to avoid inconveniences in your home. To get the best results from your stove, only use firewood with less than 20 percent moisture levels.

4. Do you live in a smoke-controlled area?
Another important thing to put into consideration is whether you are allowed to emit smoke in your home. This is necessary because there are different regulations set in different areas. So, before you embark on the shopping process, you should first of all confirm that you are allowed to emit smoke by using a wood burning stove.

5. Automatic control
For more effectiveness and efficiency, it is advisable to buy a stove with an automatic control. Stoves with an automatic control have the ability to regulate their air intake to high level efficiency. It saves you inconveniences because it is not controlled manually. In addition, a stove with automatic control helps save wood and produces a constant flame.

6. Airwash system
You should look for a stove that has an airwash system. This stove is better because it does not allow soot to build up on stove glass surface. It diverts the hot air down along the glass front to burn all the sooty elements, thus making it clean. One thing that is good to note is that the quality of the firewood you buy affects the overall performance of the airwash system. If you use wet firewood, the airwash system effectiveness is affected. This is because wet firewood makes the fire chamber moist, which reduces the stoves temperature.

7. Heat retention
Heat retention refers to the ability the stove has to produce heat even when the fire has gone off. Look for a stove that has accumulation stones that enable it to store some of the heat produced by the stove and release it slowly. Such a stove has the ability to continue heating even after the firewood has died off.

8. Cost
Just like when you are buying any other item in your home, it is vital you consider the price of the wood burning stove to buy. It is good you do thorough homework to find a provider offering them at the most affordable price. As you consider price, it is also important you check that you buy a high-quality stove for high efficiency and durability. Avoid the cheapest option because they might be of substandard quality.

Bottom line
If you are not sure of the best wood burning stove to buy, you can seek guidance from an expert, so that you do not make a mistake that will cost you afterwards.

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By George